How To Surprise Your Father This Father’s Day With Unique Gifts

DAD text and felt hearts with stitches hanging on a string

Father’s Day is the special occasion when the beloved father is supposed to be honored and pampered as appreciation for all his efforts and pains he might have taken to grow the kids up as responsible citizens. Expressing respect for father is important and the online gift stores simplify this task by offering dozens of varieties in Father’s Day gifts to choose from.


Here are some unique Father’s Day Gifts available online:


Super Dad Printed Cushion:

This is among the most innovative Unique Father’s Day Gifts as the recipient father would appreciate the concept. The square shaped soft and beautiful cushion is printed with the text: “SUPER DAD” that is in the theme of the logo of “SUPER MAN”. Thus the beautiful cushion is the interesting way to convey the beloved father that he is the superhero in the life of the kids.

6 Shot Glasses & Paddle Tray Set:

This is one of the most interesting Father’s Day gifts that encourage the recipient father to enjoy every happy moment of life. The set of 6 shot glasses in identical size would be inviting way to ask the beloved father to gather his friends and the paddle tray allows him to serve the favorite drink within the special friends. Thus the celebration would be on as the beloved father receives this gift.

Personalised Cubelit Mini Photo Table Lamp:

This is one of the most glorious looking and memorable Father’s Day gifts. The Cubelit lamp made of acrylic would be printed with the photographs of the recipient father along with the family members as uploaded by the son or daughter placing order for this gift. There would be an LED lamp inserted inside the cube. As the lamp is switched on; all the photographs look fabulous.

Mr. Right Cushion Hamper:

This is the most dazzling Father’s Day surprise to tell the recipient father how handsome he looks irrespective of his age. The hamper includes a soft square cushion with the text: “MR. RIGHT” along with the image of mustaches reflecting the manly attitude. Additionally the personal grooming products such as Pond’s men’s face wash and Beer shampoo would help the recipient father to look glorious.

Best Daddy Mug:

This is one of the unique Father’s Day surprises due to the beautiful presentation of the gift idea. The ceramic coffee mug of 325 ml capacity is printed with the adjectives that describe the beloved Dad and the wish of the presenting kids to be like him in life. The recipient father would be happy to receive this fabulous gift that he can retain in the showcase to remember the kids.


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